Space Clearing

Dispel unwanted energies from your home or work space.


Natalie has been performing space clearings for homes and businesses for over 10 years. To remove unwanted thoughts, memories, energies, entities, ghosts, and beliefs, she shifts the overall vibration of the space through combining her unique intuitive and healing abilities.

This service is performed on-site and is ideal for anyone who feels uncomfortable in their own space. Also consider space clearings after negative events such as arguments or illnesses have taken place. Although any site may need a cleanse, some may benefit greater than others.

For inquiries, please call in to speak with Natalie about your needs.

Spaces of Benefit:

  • A new home to bless

  • An old home with trauma

  • A remodeled home

  • Shared work environments

  • Places of care (children’s rooms, nurseries, gardens, bathrooms)

  • Places of practice (studios, creative spaces, personal offices)